Mens Pennant Update

Hi Members

Just an update on Mens Pennant season which starts this weekend. Our club has been fortunate to have had 28 players attend training starting as of 1st Week February. Not only are they all good players, but even better young people.

Not all can make the final teams as the Pennant season is short, 7 matches + Finals. But all 28 are one team striving to get the best result for our club. Those that miss out will still be attending training. Like all team sports there will be injuries, sickness, work & family issues, and form slumps.
So, they will be keeping their games sharp should they be called upon.

We have also introduced this year a Leadership Group which consists of both team Managers and 2 players. Going forwards this will aid in practice schedules and the types of training required along with team selections.

Finally your team is looking very strong, and we are expecting a strong performance in both Simpson & Bonnar Cup. But on paper we look good, but we do not play golf on paper and our opposition will also be strong. We can assure that no match will be conceded until the very last putt goes in.

The Management, Board of Directors & Staff wish all players every success in their matches for the 2023 Pennant Season.

Round 1 – 30/4/23
@ The Vines 12.10 tee off
Simpson Cup Team
Tea Tree Gully Vs The Grange

Nick May
Sean Park
Chris Austin
Ben Hallam
Matt McMahon
Adam Somerfield
Sudeera Botejue

Rob Crawford (Team Manager)

Bonnar Cup Team
@ North Adelaide 11am tee off
Tea Tree Gully Vs Kooyonga

David Ovens
Jacin Cook
Chris Noon
Nigel Knape
Jimmy Lou
Luke Little
Nathan McGuinness
Tim Davey (Reserve)

Phil Edsall (Team Manager)