The Board has approved discretionary call-up on our par 3 holes to assist with the speed of play.

Procedure: –
It is important that players understand what is expected of them at the relevant hole.

The following is a guide for players: –
I. If there is waiting on a par 3-hole tee, and there is no clear gap on the next hole, players should initiate a call-up procedure.
2. Once the 1st group to use the procedure has all balls on the putting green, these ideally should be marked and lifted by the players and they should then step aside to a safe distance from the green.
3. The group should then indicate to the group behind to play up.
4. If any ball from the 2nd group interferes with the 1st group, a player in the 1st group may mark and lift the ball.
5. The 1st group should then complete play of the hole.
6. Once the 1st group has completed the hole in question, any ball lifted should be replaced and the 2nd group will, if necessary, continue play of the hole until all balls are on the putting green.
7. Once all balls for the 2nd group are on the putting green, they should be marked and lifted and the process (see 2-6 above) starts again.

If at any time the group “behind” is not in a position to play (for example, due to a lost ball or being out of position) the group on the putting green should simply complete the hole without delay.
Dean Stanton
General Manager
16th February 2017