Please note that as at, 12:01am Thursday 5 August 2021, the following restrictions will apply to licensed Clubs:

• Indoor and outdoor densities at 1 person per 2m2 (50%). Capacities are based on the size of the club. E.g., if a club has an area of 400m2 then 200 patrons (excluding staff) are permitted;
• Masks must be worn indoors (or if spectating outdoors *see below)
• The consumption of food and beverages is permitted both indoors and outdoors but must be done while seated;
• No consumption of food or beverages at the bar;
• Barbeques are permitted providing the food is served to the patrons;
• Share platters are permitted under the previous guidelines;
• TAB, Bingo, 8ball, darts etc. are permitted. This includes competitions;
• Gaming is permitted subject to 50% densities;
• Takeaway services are permitted;
• No dancing apart from bridal waltzes;
• No singing indoors by the public, however singing may occur indoors if the singers are performers and they are performing or rehearsing (excludes persons singing at karaoke). Anyone is permitted to sing outdoors.
• The playing of sports will be permitted. This includes competitions and training. Spectators will be permitted at outdoor sporting events at 50% capacity (1 person per 2m2); however masks must be worn.
• Eating or drinking must be done while seated. Spectators will still not be permitted at indoor sports unless they are “care providers”, staff, trainers or similar;
• Funerals (including wakes) and weddings (including receptions) are permitted at 50% capacities. For example, a Club with a 400m2 area can, from Thursday, allow 200 people at the event (50%).

All other COVID obligations such as QR codes and COVID Marshals remain unchanged.

We are delighted to welcome back competition golf and thank all members for their patience over the past week.

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