Due to the increasing demand for Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday tee times, opening time for these booking sheets will change to assist with “traffic” congestion that happens now when all tee times open at the same time.

Booking Sheets for Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting from Tuesday 4th August, the “afternoon” tee times will open 8 days in advance at 1:30pm and the “morning” tee times opening at 2pm.

Booking Sheets for Sundays (starting Sunday 2nd August), the “afternoon” tee times will open 9 days in advance at 9:30am and the “morning” tee times opening at 10am (as they do now).

The booking sheets when open will only display the relevant tee times for that opening time. Other tee times for that day will only show when they automatically open at the appropriate time. It maybe necessary to refresh the Booking Sheet (F5) at 2pm (10am on Sundays) if you are in the sheet waiting for the tee times to be “active” – the countdown clock does not apply to these tee times

Note: Saturday booking sheet already has split opening times.
With the increase in daylight hours, tee times for most booking sheets from 1st August, will start from 6:45am.

Dean Stanton
General Manager
15th July 2020

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